Daryl Braithwaite

  • Genre: Pop

Daryl first found fame as lead singer of Sherbet,, a band synonymous with the 70’’ss and their accomplishments during their long career were many.. Between 1971 – 1978 Sherbet produced 20 national top 40 singles and were the first Australian band to top the $11million mark in album sales in this country,, with a total of 15 albums and 30 singles to their credit,, with songs like ‘ Summer Love’’ becoming the highest selling single of 1975 and ‘HHowzat’’ not only a hit in Australia,, but also in England & America..

During this period he won the Australian King of Pop award 3 times..

In November 1988 Daryl released the phenomenally successful album ‘ Edge’’ which spent well over a year in the national Aria chart,, peaking at #11 for several weeks.. I n 1989 it became the highest selling CD in Sony Music Australia’s history,, spawning 5 hit singles including ‘OOne Summer’’ , written by Daryl which went on to achieve gold status..

In November 1990 Daryl released his follow up album ‘RRise’’ , Daryl again proved that he had what it takes to make an album work and both the critics and public agreed.. Rise boasted a further 5 hit singles.. The most popular was undoubtedly “ The Horses’’ , holding the #11 position on the national charts over 3 consecutive weeks.. The unexp ected success of this single led to being voted “AAustralian Song of the year’’ at the 1991 Australian Music Awards..

Far from an exercise in revisiting past glories and greatest hits – of which,, of course,, there are plenty – FOREVER THE TOURIST the latest CD released in 2014 reveals a brand new stunning chapter in Daryl’s unparalleled career..

And the centrepiece of this new chapter is the anthemic and sparkling new single,, “NNot Too Late””.. In light of the renewal of his partnership with Sony,, there could har dly have been a more apt title.. It’s a story of hope,, aspirations and most definitely reflections of life,, and the obvious choice – to have a go or not..

“IIt seems quite appropriate,,”” says Daryl.. “EEven though it’s about a relationship situation,, it’s sayin g that maybe it’s not too late to try anything,, whether it be music or anything else.. We’ve been playing ‘NNot Too Late’’ live and it’s been getting a surprisingly good reception,, considering the audiences don’t know it..””

“NNot Too Late”” looks set to join D aryl’s cannon of uplifting classics,, including “OOne Summer””,, “AAs The Days Go By”” and “TThe Horses””,, plus the countless timeless gems from his days fronting Sherbet,, such as “SSummer Love””,, “HHowzat”” and “CCassandra””,, to name just a few

Live the formative and flowing years of Australian Music with Daryl Braithwaite who is known for teen hysteria,, international breakouts,, multi platinum albums,, extraordinary collaborations,, performing at the sweatiest dives and some of the worlds most famous stadiums.. Daryl Brai thwaite remains an integral part of the evolution and development of Australian popular music and a must see live on stage..