Jenny Talia from Australia

From the outback of Australia comes the emergence of a new brand of comedy that will blow you away!

Jenny Talia From Australia redefines comedy’s broad boundaries with a show that leaves her audiences gob smacked. Jen is a blonde haired, blue eyed, fast talking, ball busting sheila with an attitude that takes no prisoners! And that’s on a good day!

Originally from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, and now based in Chicago USA, this feisty little lady with a voice larger than life has an absolute arsenal of songs and material that make her loyal female audience proud, and blokes cringe and laugh like nobody is watching them!

Jenny has an amazing talent for writing songs that mirror the satirical realities of everyday life. The sheer freshness and life in Jenny’s comedy leaves global audiences doubled over in laughter and wanting more.

Jenny’s just released new album “FOCUS”, continues to fly off the merchandise table at every show, even though you will never hear her songs on politically correct radio – they are just too much fun.

Jenny Talia tours the world, performing her solo shows or as support to her famous Dad, Kevin Bloody Wilson. As a team, they are just simply unbeatable, together presenting a night of comedy unmatched in its originality and unbelievable audience response/participation.

Her YouTube success is also what legends are made of. Camel Toe remains one of the most adored songs on YouTube and receives daily hits still.

Folks, add Jenny Talia From Australia to your bucket list! Jenny’s shows are legendary, and are a “must do” for any fan wanting to see in to the future of comedy. Jenny Talia is an advocate of equal rights; not only will she take the piss out of you, but she also enjoys taking it right out of herself as well.

A show you will never forget!