Lonnie Lee

Lonnie Lee is Rockabilly’s finest, offering a show unlike any other. It’s Lee’s natural knack of transforming relatively staid songs into something spectacularly sexy, with throats-a-rumblin’ and sharp shoulders twitchin’ to the rhythm that will see your body bop and boogie all night long. It’s a gloriously comprehensive set, nodding to both the obvious staples and plenty of more obscure tracks, and comes packaged in Lee’s latest solo tour: Solid Gold.

“My show brings everything into one authentic songbook, which I enjoy performing very much,” explains Lee. “I identify with all the songs I sing, as if they’re my own, as they’re close to mine and my audience’s hearts. I take my live shows very seriously and am quite well-known for changing my shows and incorporating fresh material so that my audiences don’t get bored. I’m so very appreciative of the fact that people, after so many years, still come to my shows. I feel blessed to be healthy and able enough to still do what I love the most; and that is to sing!”

Considered to be the ‘Last Man Standing’ of his era, sit back and cruise along with Lonnie Lee.