Damian Mullin

Damian Mullin is one of Australia’s most successful and award-winning Elvis Presley Tribute Artists.

After winning the Surfers Paradise 2012 ‘Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist’ semi-final, founded by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Damian’s career soared making his tribute show, Elvis Forever, one of the most in-demand Elvis Presley tribute shows today.

Standing a powerful 6’2″, Damian Mullin’s transformation into the ‘The King’ is truly remarkable. With designer costumes and replica accessories, that were crafted by the same tailors who made Elvis Presley’s, Damian’s style is indeed reminiscent of the great Elvis Presley.

Effortlessly capturing the true essence of the Elvis Presley, Damian’s sound and style along with his infectious personality are a testament to his ongoing commitment and passion to transforming any stage into yesteryear.

Regarded as one of our most popular and most entertaining Elvis Tribute Artists, Damian is highly sort after for large scale events and private exclusive functions. 

Damian has had the pleasure of meeting people who were very close to Elvis including Ronnie Tutt ( Elvis’s drummer) Linda Thompson ( one of Elvis’s girlfriends) Joe Esposito (Elvis tour manager and close friend) Sam Thompson (one of Elvis’s body guards) and James Burton (Elvis’s lead guitarist).

Whether it be small intimate gatherings or large-scale band productions, Damian’s tribute show Elvis Forever, delivers a dynamic, interactive and incredibly powerful show.

Be entertained by Damian Mullin.