Gavin Wood

I lived in Roma, Western Queensland to the age of 14. I was involved in the Anglican church as an Alter Boy and a member of the choir. I was involved in many charities to help with the development of the town.

I moved with the family to Brisbane to complete my schooling.

I began singing in rock bands while I was at school and continued that on into my later teen years.

Our band performed at many concerts to promote charities and help with the fundraising.

I have always devoted my life to giving back and in my position, I can be a spokesperson for those who don’t have a voice.

5 Years of Radio and Television in Brisbane and giving back, pro bono to charities such as the Variety Club and the Lions Club. I have always been involved with food drives and Toys for Tots campaigns.

I arrived in Melbourne 1980 and quickly became a celebrity member of the Variety Club Tent 77. I ended up as a board member for 4 years. I was involved with the bikes for kids and also attended the Variety Bash raising money for the kids across Australia. I was extremely happy to divert the Victorian Variety Bash up through Roma and Wallumbilla in Queensland on the road to our destination of Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. In Wallumbilla we gave the only school in town $2,000 and many gifts for all the school kids.  The vehicle bash raised over $1.3 Million for the kids that year. 

I was also involved with the Variety painting of the 100 Entertainers of the Century by well respected artist Jamie Cooper. The Walk of Fame at Docklands and was a pro bono M.C. at 100’s of Variety functions.

I was a celebrity D.J. at many Blue Light Discos through the eighties and spoke at many youth programmes at schools and camps for various charities.

In 2007 I moved to Los Angeles to promote Australia to the Americans. I was a pro bono M.C. at many American/Australian functions. 

Being an entertainment industry professional through my work with Countdown Motion Pictures and Management, I devoted my career to serving as an enthusiastic booster of the City of West Hollywood and City of Los Angeles to connect the communities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Australia.

Throughout those years in L.A. I also promoted inbound tourism to the City of West Hollywood and Los Angeles, helping to connect the communities of L.A. and Australia. I was organising promotions with Qantas, Virgin Australia, Tourism Australia and Australia State Tourist Office, making Australia the number one international feeder market into the States.

I hosted journalists, writers and media professionals around West Hollywood and beyond. I partnered with Film West Hollywood and Ausfilm to develop film opportunities in West Hollywood and Los Angeles Counties for Australian Film makers.

I hosted the G’Day LA Black Tie Gala events in San Francisco and Chicago, an annual event garners over 1,000 guests per year and also I have hosted events at world famous venues throughout Los Angeles  including the Palladium, The House of Blues, The Viper Room, private functions and LA Live Downtown.

I further connected Australia to Los Angeles through hosting the opening ceremonies of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX and was host of the inaugural launch of Qantas Airways A380 which provided the service from Los Angeles to Australia International Airports.

My biggest success was bridging the entertainment communities of Los Angeles and Australia.

I moved back to Melbourne just before the pandemic and now I am reconnecting with my many charities that are doing it tough.

I was a born communicator which I believe is a dying art. I will endeavour to use my skills to turn it around and give the youth of Australia a voice. Children are our future and they need the right start to shine, hopefully I can contribute to that cause. I am a very proud Australian.