21st Century Australasian Blues Brothers

The Australasian 21st Century Blues Brothers Tribute Show adds a new perspective and gives a new twist on the movies and the live shows.

We are introducing new characters and new songs to bring the Blues Brothers into the 21st Century, along with all the old favourites you know and love!

The show is a tribute to the late, great Jake Blues, with brother Zee taking lead and Elwood along for the ride! Joining them is the feisty Ellie (soon to be Elliewood) as Jake’s long-lost daughter and Twiggy as the backing singer with an excessive attitude.

Having two male and two female leads allows the band to expand the material to suit each individual show. The two new characters bring a new dimension providing more banter, more comedy and a wider variety of material to perform.

Overall the show brings a high standard of musicianship and theatrical antics where anything can and does usually happen due to the characters freedom to improvise and engage with the audience.

They’ve got a full packet of cigarettes, half a tank of gas, sunglasses on, and they’re on a mission from God!