Aussie Gold

Australian music is and always has competed with the best of the best around the globe.

Australia has hosted greats such as Cold Chisel, Men at Work, Noiseworks, ACDC, INXS, Little River Band, Midnight Oil, Icehouse and the recent Powderfinger, Silverchair and Living End.

A colourful history of music deserves a colourful tribute… Aussie Gold is that tribute!

A band of patriotic Aussies, who individually and collectively love their country and its’ music, deliver a powerful, patriotic show, covering three very Australian cultures including its Classic Rock (Patriot Set), songs of the (Outback) and it’s (New Generation) hits of today.

The show consists of three contrasting sets, featuring three very unique and different costumes, symbolising the classic Australian cultures.

The explosive opening, sets the scene for a night to remember!

Classic songs such as ‘Friday on my mind’, ‘Take me back’ and ‘Downunder’ bring the audience fond memories of a bygone era. The band is patriotically costumed in classy splashes of red, white and blue.

The well-crafted second set cruises on songs such as ‘Great Southern Land’, ‘Solid Rock’, then comes alive with ‘Holy Grail’, ‘Rain’ and the undeniable Cold Chisel medley of ‘Bow River’, ‘Forever now’ and of course ‘Khe Sanh’.

The new generation Aussies do not miss out!

More Aussie flags and great rock costumes see the boys fly through songs from Living End, Silverchair, Powderfinger, Eskimo Joe, Jet and more.

It’s simply Aussie Gold!