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Jonny Taylor

Jonny Taylor has spent four years honing in on his craft, focusing on his roots to create a record that

made him proud.

Following the last album, “Something To Say”, there was a lot of conversation between music industry professionals regarding where Taylor’s music sat in the scheme of things, and if there was a place for an artist sitting on the fringes. Enter Red Rebel Music, the label behind iconic Australian singer songwriter, James Blundell.

Taylor says; “I spent a couple of years wondering how I can tailor my sounds to fit in one spot or another. I was scared of falling in a void between genres. Karen Waters (head of Red Rebel Music) heard the album, rang me up and said ‘mate, that is a great album!’ It was exciting to have a label hear my work and understand who I am as an artist.

After allowing himself the time to work out who he is musically, Taylor finally worked up the courage to just do what comes naturally and make a record that blends all of his influences, without necessarily being influenced by any one particular thing.

That approach is evident in the songs on his brand new 13-track album, “Dig Deep”. There are songs with high-energy intensity, while others are beautifully fragile in their simplicity. Lyrically, Taylor taps into universal themes about human nature, love and the ups and downs that life throws at you.

Jonny Taylor has enjoyed mainstream success following a stint on the top rating television program, “Australia’s Got Talent”, in 2012. He received a standing ovation and touched audiences around the world with his original song, “Young Man”, a song written for a friend battling alcoholism.

His subsequent touring lifestyle ever since, has earned Jonny Taylor a reputation as one of the hardest working and most powerful young singer songwriters on the Australian music scene today. He also regards his touring lifestyle as a wonderful opportunity to road test his new material. It also affords him the opportunity to hear stories from Australians from all walks of life, which deeply inspire him to write songs about the everyday things that we go through as people.

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