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Normie Rowe

Normie Rowe has long been regarded as one of Australia’s most recognised and successful singers in a long and illustrious career that spans back to his teens in the early sixties. In that era, there was no singer with a bigger following than Normie – No. 1 Hits, King Of Pop awards and mass hysteria at every performance were normal. His chart toppers in the early days were numerous, 11 in fact including his double gold ‘Que Sera Sera’ with its famous ‘B’ side ‘Shakin All Over’, ‘Ooh La La’, ‘Its Not Easy’ and ‘It Aint Necessarily So’.

For over 40 years, Normie has been Australia’s favourite performer. In the sixties, Normie recorded and toured in the UK, and then, in the early seventies Normie was inducted into the Australian Army and sent to Vietnam, becoming our most recognised soldier. He has since that experience worked tirelessly for better conditions for veterans of all wars.

Norms, career continued after the war, both here in Australia and internationally, with shows in the U.S, U.K, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Greece, Turkey and New Zealand.

Normie has been perennially a requested artist on national television shows, and was one of the most popular artists on the ‘Long Way To The Top’ tour which played to 160,000 people Australia wide.

Today, Normie is still performing countless shows nationally every year to packed houses, a testament to one of Australia’s true talents.

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