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Vince Jones

“ Watch What Happens” was Vince’s first album. The title pre-supposed a remarkable career that has never hesitated in its constant musical evolution. A career played in the moment.

Twenty albums later, he is a national treasure whose music transcends musical boundaries. He is that rare genre-defying artist – even jazz in Vince’s case - who creates music without borders.  From Iris DeMent’s folk “Our Town” to the piano heavy, new age “Wonderworld”, he comments sometimes uncomfortably, about the world we live in from an unashamedly idealistic perspective. His readings of the Great American Songbook are true to composer and artist.

He is also a wonderful trumpet player. Over time his style has developed a distinctive reserve and subtlety. He plays a little less and draws a good deal more from it than he did in early days. A brief, thoughtful solo from Vince is worth a hundred notes played with less discretion.

Born in Glasgow in 1956, he and his family arrived in Wollongong when he was ten.  His musician father’s jazz collection cast the die and at eighteen he moved to Melbourne to pursue his passion in the jazz and folk clubs of  St Kilda and Fitzroy. He reckons he’s played over five thousand gigs since his first at the Wollongong Workers Club. Among them he’s played every major Jazz Festival and Club in the world and continues to sell-out clubs and theatres across Australia.

Still, his creative output remains intense. Particular about the musical company he keeps, he’s enjoyed playing with the best musicians the country has to offer. “Provence” the acclaimed 2015 duet album with Paul Grabowsky continues that philosophy. 2016 will see him as busy as he’s ever been. An all-original project, another with Paul, concerts, revisiting his favourite international clubs and festivals are all on the calendar. As it was at the beginning – “Watch What Happens”.

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