Living In The 70s

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Living In The 70s

“Living In The 70s" - is Australia's brand new, exciting, heart-stopping ‘Seventies' Show.

‘Living In The 70s' is more than a show in fact. It’s a musical journey paying tribute to some of the great songs and artists of the 70s including Foreigner, America, Abba, The Guess Who, 10CC, Carole King, as well as great Aussie artists like Billy Thorpe, Dragon and Daddy Cool... to name but a few!

Recalling events that took place between 1970 and 1979, this is more than just music - it’s a chance to revisit one of the most diverse decades of the 20th century year by year, to a backdrop of memorable songs.

With all live instruments and amazing 3 & 4 part harmonies, reminisce, revel and rock your way through an amazing musical journey with ‘Living In The 70s’.

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